Rapid Eye Therapy

It is common for people to have a negative internal dialogue playing in their heads all the time.  We “know” intellectually that we are capable and worthy, or that we shouldn’t be angry or sad or worried all the time.  Sometimes we feel those emotions anyway. Our rational mind believes we “should” feel more positive, but how do we get rid of these feelings and negative thoughts that keep us from living the lives we would like to live?

These “stuck” emotions can cause enough stress on our bodies to actually make us sick.

Rapid Eye Technology is a tool for releasing such feelings and negative beliefs.  The rapid eye process uses eye directing to simulate the  rapid eye movement  that everyone experiences when dreaming. This eye movement immediately puts the client in a relaxed alpha brainwave state.

How it works:

As a person blinks, information stored in the body is accessed and released as the technician helps the client to let go of undesirable feelings. The eye-directing device helps to access different parts of the mind, such as auditory, emotional, and visual memories. It also helps the right and left hemispheres of the brain work together to process problems and to release stress and trapped trauma.

Who Can Benefit:

Rapid Eye Technology is used for all types of stress-related conditions and works like a scan on your emotional computer, deleting old unwanted files very quickly. The wonderful thing about RET is that it’s a short term therapy program, usually only 4 sessions. Almost everyone feels lighter right away, shedding the weight of their negative emotions.

The miracle of Rapid Eye Technology is that a person does not have to relive and revive traumatic events in order to release the attendant stress. This is not therapy where you have to talk through your problems. Clients are always conscious and have control in their sessions.

Greta Manrique is a certified Rapid Eye Therapist who has been practicing Rapid Eye Technology for over 12 years. Good Life Health Center is happy to have this great therapy available at our clinic in Show Low. You do not have to be a patient of the Good Life Health Center or be referred to get an appointment for Rapid Eye Therapy.

Call today to schedule your appointment and improve your emotional state to bring you health and happiness.