What is Anti-Aging Medicine?

Most people in our society believe that physical and mental decline are inevitable as we age. It is common to hear well meaning family, friends, and even…

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“I suffered from debilitating chronic pain in my back, knees, and ankles for years. When I first came to Dr. Manrique back in May I had already tried everything, even steroid injections without success. The pain was constant and unbearable. I could barely walk and my whole body felt swollen. I hurt so bad that I couldn’t sleep at night, even though I took pain pills and sleeping pills. After only 2 months of treatment and improving my diet, my life has completely turned around for the better. I no…


"As a new patient of Good Life Health Center, my experience with Dr. Manrique and his staff has been life changing! He listens, and is knowledgable and wise beyond his years. I've put my health in his hands and you should do the same"

Snow Day?

Today is a cold snowy day.  I have been meaning to go down to BodyWorks gym and see if they would hire me to be a Zumba instructor but we have been so busy in the clinic and on the weekends that I still have not had a change.  Finally to day I tried to go over to BodyWorks from the clinic, but was unable to even make it out of the parking lot! I guess my Chevy Aveo is not quite cut out for Show Low’s winter wonderland weather.